Joola Rhyzer Pro 45 Table Tennis Rubber

Rhyzer Pro 45 maintains the Rhyzer Pro technologies of amazing speed and spin, but with a 45° sponge.

The wide pimples beneath the rubber surface are positioned closely together increasing the contact with the ball and consequently the spin potential.

The medium pore sponge provides the typical feel associated with medium hard sponges but with amazing dynamics.

In combination with the thin tensioned rubber, Rhyzer 45 is ideal for players looking for high speed and spin potential but with an easy play feel which gives you confidence in all situations.

Posted on 10th July 2019


JOOLA Rhyzer Pro 50 Table Tennis Rubber

JOOLA presents the completely new technically Professional level series of Rhyzer rubbers. Designed to compensate for the reduced spin and speed of the new plastic ball, the range incorporates two innovative approaches, the improvement of sponge technology and the advancement of pimple geometry.

The rubber surface is extremely thin, grippy and under high tension. In combination with the narrow, relatively short pimples beneath the rubber surface, maximum catapult effect is produced and the flexible pimples provide an extended dwell time of the ball, resulting in sensitive strokes and excellent spin features.

As a result of the very thin surface a thicker Powermax sponge has been adopted in the max version resulting in even greater dynamics.

Posted on 25th June 2018


JOOLA Rhyzer 48 Table Tennis Rubber

JOOLA presents the completely new technically Professional level series of Rhyzer rubbers. Designed to compensate for the reduced spin and speed of the new plastic ball, the range incorporates two innovative approaches, the improvement of sponge technology and the advancement of pimple geometry.

The rubber surface is extremely thin, grippy and under high tension. In combination with the narrow, relatively short pimples beneath the rubber surface, maximum catapult effect is produced and the flexible pimples provide an extended dwell time of the ball, resulting in sensitive strokes and excellent spin features.

As a result of the very thin surface a thicker Powermax sponge has been adopted in the max version resulting in even greater dynamics.

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JOOLA Rhyzer 43 Table Tennis Rubber

JOOLA presents the completely new technically Professional level series of Rhyzer rubbers. Designed to compensate for the reduced spin and speed of the new plastic ball, the range incorporates two innovative approaches, the improvement of sponge technology and the advancement of pimple geometry.

The rubber surface is extremely thin, grippy and under high tension. In combination with the narrow, relatively short pimples beneath the rubber surface, maximum catapult effect is produced and the flexible pimples provide an extended dwell time of the ball, resulting in sensitive strokes and excellent spin features.

As a result of the very thin surface a thicker Powermax sponge has been adopted in the max version resulting in even greater dynamics.

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The new JOOLA Rhyzer 48 Table Tennis Rubber has arrived!

A superb rubber for strong attacking spin players – with a thin topsheet and the hard 48 degree sponge this new rubber has huge dynamics.

Out gun your opponent with dangerous winning loops and counter topspins without losing touch in your precision play…

As used by the Grand Prix King and Ping Pong legend – Chris Doran (England No.6)

Cost: £52.99 £39.99


New JOOLA Rhyzer is the real deal! 

Richard’s ‘Staff Pick’ has been a while in arriving but boy it’s been worth the wait…

Richard Carden, Technical & Sales Advice: When it comes to the new technology of rubbers with a thin topsheet and thick sponge, no rubber has impressed me more than Joola Rhyzer 48.

The spin and grip are fantastic thanks to Rhyzer’s spin optimized topsheet but the speed of the rubber is monstrous!! It is by quite a margin one of the fastest rubbers I have ever tried and you don’t have to swing like a mad man to access this pace. Despite its raw performance Rhyzer 48’s ease of use is what impresses me most.

Unlike some of the top rubbers you don’t need to be the best player in the world to tap into Rhyzer’s potential and believe me when I say there is a lot of potential. But, be warned this rubber is not for the faint hearted and a high level of skill will be needed to tame this rubber and keep the ball from flying long.

Rhyzer 48 is another step forward in performance compared to the previous generation of rubbers and in my opinion this is a rubber that has the potential to be extremely popular.

If you’re looking for a rubber for maximum attack and you like smashing bombs from both wings you need to experience this rubber. You won’t be disappointed!!

If I was to recommend a complete set-up with this rubber then I would recommend a Joola Rossi Emotion with Rhyzer 48 Forehand and Rhyzer 43 Backhand.

img_9293Richard Carden, is our resident Amazon and Ebay ‘Guru’ and ‘Supreme Commander’ of all things Technical & Sales. A good player, he is now fully fit from a broken ankle and making his way (slowly) back to his top 100 ranking. Richard is the Current Canterbury Champion and plays in a number of leagues, County and British league.

Posted on 6th March 2018


TIBHAR Aurus Prime Table Tennis Rubber – An ideal choice for the offensive technical player who plays an attacking all action game and requires perfect ball placement!

The smooth and spin oriented rubber surface combined with a middle hard, catapult loaded 47.5° sponge will enable the user, in almost any playing situation, to put the sufficient amount Our of pressure on their opponent.

With the innovative SSP technology (a thinner and smooth rubber surface combined with a thicker sponge), the result is a fast and catapult friendly offensive rubber.

The ‘Prime’ version of Aurus comes with our new and exclusive purple coloured sponge.

Cost: £49.99 £39.99


TIBHAR Aurus Prime – an all action Staff Pick but why? 

Our newest member of staff, Matt Leete, plays with Aurus Prime – he’s ranked No 4 nationally in the U/21’s so it’s working for him!

Matt Leete, Technical & Sales Advice:

‘I currently use Aurus Prime on the backhand. I find that this rubber can generate lots of speed with an enormous amount of spin at the same time. There is great control with this rubber, turning a block into a counter/topspin becomes very easy and not much action is needed with this rubber.

I also find that controlling the ball against heavy spin with either a simple block or re-loop is far easier than any other rubber I have used in the past – I would say this is because of a thinner rubber surface matched with the thicker sponge.

Also when over the table, there is great control, easy to keep tight without the ball pinging off your bat!’

If I was to recommend a complete set-up with this rubber then I would recommend a Drinkhall Powerspin Carbon with Rhyzer 48 on the forehand and TIBHAR Aurus Prime on the backhand.

Matt Leete, Bribar Sales & Technical

Matt is nationally ranked at no 4 in the U/21’s and at no 21 in the Men’s – not only does he play the sport very well but he has real passion and knowledge with it.

He has just recently started at Bribar and is getting to grips with a really busy start to the season.

Unfortunately, Matt’s office football ‘dream team’ has not had such a good start, currently languishing in 9th… we are now just avoiding playing him at Table Tennis!


Posted on 4th September 2018


Tactical Attack Table Tennis Bat

Velox Speedster blade fitted with Evolution MX-S and Rhyzer 48.

Perfect for dictating loop attack players, combining the best of spin, pace and feel.

Posted on 17th August 2018

Bribar Players

Bribar Player Profiles

We are delighted to support some fantastic players with sponsorship from Tibhar and Joola…

paul-drinkhall-1-300x300PAUL DRINKHALL

Married to wife Joanna, with two Children – Dougie and Bonnie (and one dog, Millie!)

Paul’s had a stellar few years, reaching a World Ranking of 39 (March 17), been the England No 1, is the English National Champion (Just the 6 times now) plus National Men’s and Mixed Doubles Champion!

Add to that a World Team Championship Bronze (2016), Commonwealth Gold & Silver medals (Glasgow 2014) and ITTF World Tour Spanish Open Champion 2014… a pretty good haul with more to come!

Check out Paul’s funny interview on the ITTF’s Ask a Pro Anything challenge

Paul uses Tibhar Evolution MX-P Rubbers on a Tibhar Drinkhall Power Spin Carbon blade

jo-drinkhall1-300x300JOANNA DRINKHALL

Paul and now Jo are both Tibhar/Bribar players!

Jo needs little introduction, she is a 3 times English National Champion, a Commonwealth Gold Medallist (Glasgow 2014), with her highest English ranking at 1 and her highest world ranking at 109 (May 2014) – not too bad!

National Mixed Doubles Champion with Paul!

Jo has her own signature bat:

A Drinkhall Defensive Classic blade fitted with Evolution FX-S – for precise chop and block play – for deadly kills opt for the 1.7mm sponge. Jo Drinkhall Signature Bat

chris-doran1-300x300CHRIS DORAN

It’s great to have Chris on board!

The larger than life player is currently ranked No.4 in England. One of the most popular and approachable players on the circuit, Chris Doran holds silver and bronze Commonwealth medals and is always one of the main contenders in the World Ping Pong Championships.

Chris has continued his great form by winning the Grand Prix Series of 16/17 season.

Watch Liverpool Grand Prix Men’s Singles final 2016 (6 mins highlights)

Chris plays with a Joola Fever Blade and Joola RHYZER 48 Rubbers

emily-bolton-1-300x300EMILY BOLTON

Emily is ranked at no 4 on the Senior Women’s list and has represented England on many occasions. Here are some of her main achievements so far…

Italian youth open team gold and doubles silver with Tin Tin.

Represented England at European Youths x2

Junior Masters winner 2016

Nationals junior Doubles champion with Tin Tin 2016

Represented England at World schools in Israel.

Bronze medal at U21 nationals 2017

Emily plays with Evolution MX-PEvolution MX-S & a Tibhar Force Pro Blade

craig1-300x300CRAIG BRYANT

Craig has represented England at Junior level, competing in a number of international opens and European Youth Championships. He has also competed for his country at Senior level, one of his notable achievements, winning a team silver medal at the 2004 Commonwealth Championships in Kuala Lumpur.

Craig has recently started his own company delivering professional coaching and coach education – check out his website at TOP EDGE TABLE TENNIS.

Craig plays with a Joola TPE Fight Blade and Joola Rhyzm-P Rubbers

lois-peake-300x300LOIS PEAKE

Lois had a great 2017 National Championships, winning Bronze medals in the Women’s U/21’s and the Women’s doubles with fellow Sussex player Yoland King.

Highest rankings so far are 3rd in U/21’s and 8th on the Women’s ranking list.

Played for England Senior Women in the European Championships, picking up great experience and a couple of superb wins against players 200 places higher in the rankings. (2015)

Played for England at the U/18 European Championships beating no 3 seeds Germany 3-1 in the team event and won a crucial match against a top 30 player. (team placed 7th – best finish for some time)

Women’s British League “Player of the weekend” twice and part of a”Team of the weekend” twice!

josh-bennett-1-300x300JOSH BENNETT

Josh is ranked at No.3 in the U/21 Boys – rapid improvement has seen him compete at the highest level and he had a great National Championships finishing with an U/21 Bronze medal. He plays with a JOOLA FEVER blade and X-PLODE Rubbers.

Here are some of Josh’s best achievements…

Bronze medal in the National Championship Under 21’s

Bronze (singles), silver (doubles) and a gold (team) at the Junior Nationals

International schools – 2 silvers and 2 gold.

Represented England in Hungarian and French Open’s.

emma-vickers-mixed-doubles-300x300EMMA VICKERS

Currently ranked no 9 on the Women’s list, Emma has an impressive CV of titles and wins in her career to date!

5 x National Singles titles (including 3 x u21)

6 x double National Champion at Cadet and Junior level

18 x BUCS medallist including 2 singles titles

1 x bronze European University medallist

UK School Games Champion

British Home Nations Cadet, Junior and Senior team winner

Women’s British League winner and top of averages for 15/16

Emma plays with Evolution MX-P rubbers & a Samsonov Pro Force Blade

matthew-leete-300x300MATT LEETE

Starting at the tender age of 6 years old, Matt has already won numerous titles including:

Under 11 National Champion at the age of 9

Team Gold at Primary School International (Guernsey)

Team Gold’s at Senior School Internationals (Cardiff & Ireland)

Singles Silver Medal at Senior School International (Ireland)

English Schools Singles Runner-Up U16 (2016)

UK School Games team event-gold (2015) & UK School Games Singles-gold (2016)

Blackpool Grand Prix U-21 winner (15/16)

Tipton Grand Prix men’s runner up & Tipton Grand Prix U-21 winner (2016)

Stockton Junior 4* Winner (2016)

National Championship’s Bronze medal U/21 (2017)

Matt plays with Evolution MX-P rubbers & a Stratus Carbon blade


Sara Williams was an English cadet and junior international playing for England on several occasions. As a junior her biggest achievement was winning the Spanish open.

After taking a rest from the game for over 20 years Sara returned to playing competitively just over 2 and a half years ago.  She has quickly risen to be the England Women Vets number 1 and is the current Vetts National Champion, 6 Nations Champion, as well as winning every Vetts Masters event she has entered over the last 2 season including the Western, Eastern, and Southern Masters!

She has represented Hertfordshire Vetts in the county Premier Division this year finishing the season with 100% record. She also plays for Ping Pong in the Vetts British Premier League where again she has a 100% record.

Sara is in her second year of sponsorship with Bribar. Sara uses a Joola Aruna off blade, Evolution MX-P on her forehand and Evolution MX-S on her back hand.


We are delighted that Mark has joined Team Bribar!

Mark is a fairly new Veteran player who in his first year, won a clean sweep of Men’s singles, Men’s Doubles and the Mixed Doubles at the Northern Masters.

He also won the Men’s Singles and Men’s Doubles at the Western Masters, plus alongside his wife Sarah, the National Masters Mixed Doubles title!

Mark started the 17/18 season ranked no 2 on the TTE Veterans list and he plays with a TIBHAR CCA7 blade, with TIBHAR Evolution EL-S on the forehand and TIBHAR Evolution FX-S on the backhand.


Former England No.1 Ladies Veteran – Emma had a good 17/18 season – peaking at the Veterans 6 Nations!

Emma has struggled over the past few years with a serious knee injury but continues to play the Veterans British League and at the Masters events. She is currently ranked No 8 in the country.

Emma plays with a Samsonov Stratus Carbon blade and Evolution MX-S rubbers.

chris-bartram-300x300CHRIS BARTRAM 

Chris, a leading English Veteran player has joined the Tibhar/Bribar squad and plays with the Samsonov Stratus Carbon blade and Evolution MX-S rubbers.

Chris won the Men’s Doubles title and came runner up in the Men’s Singles at the Veterans Masters in 2017.

Unfortunately, Chris has had a serious shoulder injury this season and has been working hard to get back to fitness, in the meantime he has been helping to develop a new Table Tennis Club in Sidcup called Cleeve Park TTC.

Posted on 29th June 2017

Bribar Coaches

Bribar Coach Profiles

We are delighted to support some fantastic coaches with sponsorship from TIBHAR and JOOLA. You can read the latest thoughts, events and experiences of our coaching team in the TIBHAR Coaching Blog section!

Tom Lodziak

Tom is head coach for Cambridge-Parkside Table Tennis Club. He is also a keen table tennis blogger and publishes table tennis tutorials on his popular Table Tennis YouTube channel.

Read our interview with Tom

Stephen Gertsen

Stephen’s enthusiasm and enjoyment of coaching is infectious, he’s an experienced coach at all levels and is currently the National Youth Coach for Table Tennis Scotland.

Read our interview with Stephen


Andrew Rushton

Is currently Head coach for Halton Talent Development Centre and National Coach for the British Para Table Tennis Team!

Read our interview with Andrew


Craig Bryant

Top player and coach, Craig brings a huge amount of experience to the table and is currently expanding his professional coaching company – Top Edge Table Tennis.

Read our interview with Craig


Natalie Green

Nat is a former England No 1 and International player, since starting her coaching career, she has held coaching roles with Greenhouse Schools, Table Tennis England and is now working full-time at the Grantham Academy and Charles Read Performance Centre.

Read our interview with Nat

Marketa Myskova

Keta is a former Czech International Table Tennis player with a fantastic defensive style. With plenty of top level experience, she is currently coaching (with Paul Whiting) at the new Talent Development Centre at Eggbuckland Community College.

Read our interview with Keta


Matt Porter

Chairman and lead Coach at Bishop Auckland, Matt has quickly developed the club – winning TTE National Club of the Year in 2016 and was personally awarded TTE Coach of the Year in 2014.

Read our interview with Matt


Paul Whiting

A very experienced coach and seasoned player, Paul is currently head coach at the Plymouth Talent Development Centre.

Read our interview with Paul


Chris Main

Full time coach and top player, Chris is also development officer at North Ayrshire TTC and Dumfries TTC.

Read our interview with Chris


Aad Kwakkelstien

Aad is an extremely experienced coach, having been a National Coach in the Netherlands, ETTA Regional Coach for players with Disabilities and through to his current coaching at Britannia TTC in Ipswich, Stowmarket TTC and NETTS!

Read our interview with Aad


Paul Johnson

Paul is a full-time professional Table Tennis coach – working at a regional, county and school level and is Head Coach at Blitz TTC.

Read our interview with Paul

Joanna Lacinska-Piwowar

Jo is the Lead Coach and Secretary at Torbay Table Tennis Academy. She played in the First Women’s League in Poland whilst completing her University Course.

Read our interview with Jo

Krzysztof Piwowar

Kris is the Lead Coach and Chairman at Torbay Table Tennis Academy. He has played in the first league in Poland and was a National medalist in the youth categories. He also now works as a coach at the Talent Development Centre in Plymouth.

Read our interview with Kris

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Staff Picks


The TIBHAR Drinkhall Powerspin Carbon Blade is the signature blade and the exact model used by Paul Drinkhall!

His requirements are specific – a blade providing balance and power both at the table and at mid distance for his aggressive spin game played on forehand and backhand wings. The blade needed to be exceptionally stable to ensure tremendous control and touch when playing a short game, despite the requirement for high speed characteristics.

Read more…


TIBHAR Aurus Prime Table Tennis Rubber – An ideal choice for the offensive technical player who plays an attacking all action game and requires perfect ball placement!

With the innovative SSP technology (a thinner and smooth rubber surface combined with a thicker sponge), the result is a fast and catapult friendly offensive rubber.

Read more…


A dangerous and effective long pimple – our best selling ‘fast effect’ long pimple! Incorporating built in tension D.TecS technology the pimple configuration allows players to produce maximum variation in strokes from deep chop to countering their opponents returns.

Read more…


A superb rubber for strong attacking spin players – with a thin topsheet and the hard 48 degree sponge this new rubber has huge dynamics!

Read more…



The Lebesson is the personal blade and choice of the French National 2017 and European Mens 2016 Champion Emmanuel Lebesson, a sure sign of quality!

Read more…



SAUER&TROGER Hellfire Table Tennis Rubber

Produced by long pimple experts Sauer & Troger, Hellfire is slow and very dangerous and makes life absolute HELL for your opponents!

Read more…



The Koji Matsushita blade provides great control for away from the table play and in passive rallies at the net but importantly for modern defenders enough power for successful attacking.

Read more…



The rubber has the famous control and spin of the classic Hurricane 3 Rubber but is equipped with the Neo factory tuned sponge.

Read more…



Created for the offensive player demanding mastery over spin in all situations – a topspin loopers classic.

Read more…



The WINNING LOOP TABLE TENNIS BAT is Bribar’s best ever selling ‘ready to play’ bat! A quality allround blade, selected by Bribar for its weight, control and durability, it is fitted with Friendship 729 for its spin capabilities when learning to play Table Tennis.
Read more…




The Tibhar Samsonov Force Pro Table Tennis blade is a favourite with Bribar’s Sponsored players! The original blade of multiple European champion and World Cup winner Vladimir Samsonov, has a relatively stiff medium hard feel and is designed for mid-distance counter and loop play.
Read more…



The JOOLA ENERGY X-TRA Table Tennis Rubber is Bribar’s best selling rubber over the last decade! Designed for former speed glue players, who play a controlled, attacking game, but who still require excellent feeling and enhanced spin from their rubber choice.
Read more…


The JOOLA FEVER Table Tennis blade is one of Bribar’s best ever selling blades! The FEVER has a 5+2 ply construction, starting with the 2 ply layers, these are a lightweight meliorate carbon which gives not only an extra large sweet spot but also perfect balance.
Read more…

Posted on 17th May 2017

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  • Great finish to the season for #TeamBribar players.
  • New Staff Picks.
  • Coming Soon – Rubber Previews.

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May Issue

Latest Play it like Paul!, Premium Victas Blades and 30% off all Mizuno’s!


  • Latest Play it like Paul! – Counter Topspin.
  • Cadet & Junior Nationals round up.
  • There’s 30% off all Mizuno Shoes.
  • New Premium Victas Blades.

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April Issue

National Championships Highlights Competition and 30% off all Mizuno’s!


  • National Championships Highlights Competition.
  • There’s 30% off all Mizuno Shoes in April.
  • Chris Doran wins Nottingham Grand Prix.

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March Issue

TIBHAR Drinkhall Offers, Grantham College TT Academy and Next-gen Players!


  • TIBHAR Drinkhall Offers – Paul & Jo’s weapons of choice.
  • Grantham College TTA – New ‘Performance Centre’.
  • Next-gen players have a great English Nationals.

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February Issue

National’s ‘Spot the Ball’ Competition, Tibhar Sale & Top Edge/Gertsen TT Training Camp 


  • Win 1-2-1 Coaching with Paul Drinkhall
  • Tibhar Clearance Items added
  • Top Edge & Gertsen TT Dorset Training Camp Blog
  • Staff Picks – Mike & Wes

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January Issue No 2

January Clearance Sale, Chinese New Year and Club Focus… 


  • January Clearance Sale
  • Chinese New Year with Double Happiness!
  • North Ayrshire TTC – Club Focus
  • Staff Picks – Ron & Phil

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January Issue No 1

January Clearance Sale, Play it Like Paul! and New Club Focus… 


  • January Clearance Sale
  • Play it Like Paul! Specific Table Tennis Fitness Exercises
  • Torbay Table Tennis Academy – Club focus
  • Latest Training Opportunities

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December Issue No 2

Super Stocking fillers, Christmas Bats and New Club Focus… 


  • Stocking filler gifts
  • Christmas bats
  • Swerve TTC – Club focus
  • Last postal dates

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December Issue No 1

Christmas Gift Ideas, New Training Camps and Latest Offers…


  • Christmas Gift Ideas
  • Bribar Gift Vouchers
  • New Training Camps
  • Cancelled bat Orders

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November Issue No 2

TIBHAR Special Edition – Black Friday, Christmas Ideas & Player News!


  • Play it like Paul! How to play long pimples…
  • Tibhar Robot – Black Friday Special
  • David McBeath – on fire!
  • Christmas Ideas from Tibhar
  • 35 Years Offer continues…

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November Issue No 1

Big Savings on Bats, Paul’s new club & E-Gift Vouchers


  • Paul Drinkhall signs for club in Spanish Professional League
  • 16 Cancelled Order Bats up for grabs
  • Bribar E-Gift Vouchers
  • Good results for Bribar players at Tipton GP
  • On-line Catalogue

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October Issue No 1

Latest Special Offers, Paul’s Pro Tips & Training Opportunity!


  • Paul takes on the ‘Power of the Block’
  • New TSP x-Series Bats
  • Training Opportunity at Cleeve TTC
  • Celebrating 35 Years – Rubber Offers Continue
  • New On-line Catalogue

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September Issue No 2

Paul Drinkhall’s latest Pro Tips, Next Gen Players & New Season Kit!


  • Paul takes a look at the short return of serve
  • Next Gen Players win at Cippenham Junior 4 Star
  • Shae Thakker is about to ‘Go for it’ on ITV!
  • New Accessories from Tibhar
  • Bribar On-line Catalogue

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September Issue No 1

Special Offers – Celebrate our 35 Year Anniversary!


  • 35 Year Special Offers on Rubbers
  • New On-line Catalogue
  • 2016/17 Joola Clothing Range
  • Double Happiness Brand

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Bribar Front Cover

August Issue No 4

New Catalogue, Trainer Balls, Play it Like Paul and Club Focus Page!


  • Our new Catalogue is out now!
  • New Vision Trainer Balls from XSF
  • Paul Drinkhall’s latest ‘Pro Tips’
  • Chris Doran wins again – this time Liverpool GP!
  • Our first Club Focus featuring Bishop Auckland TTC

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"WAVE MEDAL 5 Men Table Tennis"

August Issue No 3

New Mizuno’s, Signature Bats, New Balls & Summer Madness Continues!


  • 3 Brand new Mizuno Table Tennis Shoes
  • 7 Fantastic Pro ‘Ready-made Bats’
  • New Joola Flip Trainer Balls
  • Summer Clearance Continues

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August Issue No 2

Summer Clearance Madness and Brand New Kit!


  • Summer Clearance Sections
  • New TSP ‘Tuned’ Rubbers
  • New Footwear from Joola
  • Tibhar 40+ Polyball Offer

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August Issue No 1

Playing Equipment SPECIAL!!


  • Hot New Samba Rubbers!
  • Handmade Blades from Victas
  • Dingo+Swiss range
  • 2 New Tibhar Evolution Rubbers
  • 2 New Tibhar Drinkhall Blades
  • der-materialspezialist = Outrageous!!

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July Issue

Gear up for the new season with Tibhar!


  • Paul Drinkhall’s Complete Blade Range
  • Evolution Jackpot – 6 Rubbers in the Series.
  • 40+ SL 3* Polyball (Seamless) – Buy 144 get 72 Free!
  • Tibhar Clearance Section

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Chris - Copy

June Issue

Chris Doran Signs, Combo Bat Heaven & Training Camps.


  • Chris Doran Signs for Bribar/Joola
  • Combo Bat Heaven!
  • New der-materialspezialist technology!
  • Summer Training Camps

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Posted on 22nd August 2016


A warm welcome to our on-line resource for Bribar Agents!

Firstly a big thank you to all our 120 (and growing) Agents who we work with on a daily basis and who help to keep Bribar at the forefront of Table Tennis in the UK.

In keeping with the times, we have created this section to:

  • enable Agents to purchase easily and quickly on-line.
  • keep track of orders and manage your account.
  • offer exclusives and specials for Agents only.
  • provide regular news and updates on the latest equipment.

To get started scroll down for ‘How it works’, Special Offers and News sections…

Thank you again for choosing Bribar and we hope you find this resource very useful…

Best wishes, Barry Chapman

Useful pages

So how does it work? Hopefully it’s quite straight forward…

  • We have added Agent prices to all eligible products on the website – these prices are only available to Agents and are only visible when you are logged in!
  • An Agent drop down menu is available on every page so you can easily navigate whilst logged in as an Agent.
  • Just start adding items to your basket and Agent Prices and Agent Shipping rates are automatically calculated.
  • You can keep track of your Agent orders in your ‘Account’ and also change passwords or personal details there too.
  • The Agent section has On-line only Specials for Agents to access, as well as the latest news plus we will feature pre-order items that are not yet available to the general public!
  • We will be communicating to Agents on a regular basis with emails/e-newsletters.

If you have any questions regarding the Agent Section please feel free to drop Wes Bush-Harris a note and he’ll be happy to help!


New IMPACT products…

IMPACT Top Training Table Tennis Balls


New from IMPACT, the highest quality TOP training ball available – virtually 3* in performance and available in white and orange!

Produced using new ABS material and thanks to the careful selection philosophy of IMPACT, the Top Training ball ensures hardness, durability and consistency.

Available in mid November with Agent prices as follows:

  • 12 @ £4.50
  • 72 @ £23.99
  • 144 @ £44.99
  • 288 @ £83.99
  • 576 @ £164.99

Buy now


bribartspromoProduct Reviews!

We would like to ask a small favour – we are always trying to recommend the best and most suitable products to customers and a great way to do this is through reviews on the website.

If you could take a moment to leave a review on a product you recommend, use frequently, or you think is ideal for certain players – this would be a great help!

It’s quick and easy and just a sentence would be perfect…

Bribar Bat Workshops!

Let us know if you would like to host an evening or day of Bat Testing and Trade Stand action near you!

Our ever popular testing evenings are a great opportunity for players, coaches and agents(!) to ‘try before you buy‘ from a wide range of classic rubbers and blades through to the latest new items for the 16-17 season…

We have an extensive bat testing range for players to try out, with numerous different combinations that our knowledgeable staff can help guide players through and discuss options that may suit their game!

If you would like to discuss hosting a bat workshop, we are quite flexible on how it runs locally – we would suggest that the following are essential to make it a successful event:

  • A Table Tennis venue with capacity for lots of play – 6 tables or more is ideal.
  • A good early promotion on a county wide or multi-club basis – we really need a minimum of 50 players to attend over the session.

Other than that, offering refreshments, coaching and social elements to these sessions also works well!

If you are interested please drop us an email or call 01227 860348.


Bribar E-Gift Vouchers

We know lots of people struggle to find the right gifts for Table Tennis Nuts – so when it comes to Birthdays, Christmas and as a ‘Thank you’ – the huge variety of Table Tennis equipment can be baffling.

To this end, the E-Gift Voucher can be purchased just like any other product on the website and emailed direct to the lucky recipient – taking the stress and guess work out of it!

Table Tennis Organisations

We can also provide E-Gift Vouchers to the Table Tennis Community – often Clubs and Leagues like to reward Volunteers or they are used at Events and Competitions as prizes…

If that is something we can help you with, please just drop us an email or call and we can create E-Gift Voucher(s) as required.

Click for more details on the E-Gift Voucher.

Full T’s & C’s can be found in the product description and in the website ‘Conditions of Use‘.

Agent Delivery Charges:

  • Free for orders above £20.00 – orders will be dispatched by Royal Mail standard delivery so please allow 3-5 working days.
  • Orders less than £20.00 – a charge of £3.99 for standard delivery (3-5 working days).
  • If you require delivery more quickly there will be a charge of £7.50 on orders of less than £70.00 However, it would be free on orders over £70.00.
  • Products containing solvents have to be sent by carrier at a charge of £6.50 – It may be worth collecting these items at tournaments or including in orders over £70.00.
  • Please email for carriage prices for large and heavy items e.g. tables/club accessories.
  • We will try to maintain these prices but reserve the right to change them without prior notice.

Archive News & Offers

Black Friday Offers available NOW for Agents!

We will be reducing our best-selling rubber ranges for the Black Friday Weekend (23rd – 25th November) to £35.50 per sheet, however, we have reduced the price of all these rubbers for Agents to £32.99 and you can get this price now and until 9am on Monday 26th November!

Included are the TIBHAR Evolution range, JOOLA Rhyzer range and GEWO Nexxus rubbers.

Agent Blade SALE!!

We have brought together a wide selection of our ‘One-off’ blades and ‘Ex Bat Test’ blades so that we can offer these exclusively to Bribar Agents on a ‘first come first served basis’!

As per last season, we have collated them all into one list and they can be ordered via email to or call him to discuss on 01227 860348.

We will look to update the list on a daily basis – these offers were really popular last year so be quick!



As part of our summer stock take we have a number of robots available at serious knock down prices!

We have 3 x Joola Buddy Pro robots @ £50.00 each – ex display.

These robots have been tested and they are all in working order but as they are ex display and have been previously used they come without a guarantee.


We also have a selection of surround covers: a few blue, various green in 2.3m and 2.0m lengths, mostly JOOLA but some from other manufacturers. These have been used for tournament hire but may do a good job for a club. FREE to a good home but you will either have to pay for postage or arrange to collect either from our office or a local tournament or bat test event.

For further information on any of the above please contact or give him a call.

We also have a range of badminton rackets, plastic shuttlecocks and a few tennis rackets at very reasonable prices. These are suitable for home use, schools, youth clubs etc. If you are interested please contact Sue for further details on

TIBHAR Aurus Sound Table Tennis Rubber


A great offer on Aurus Sound!

During July we are reducing the price of TIBHAR Aurus Sound rubber for agents to £25.99!

A really popular rubber with our customers see what they have to say…

Was recommended the rubber after talking online and reading reviews. The ratings don’t lie great spin, control and speed. It suits an all-round game but gives plenty of gears for stepping up the attack.

What a rubber! I tried this rubber on my friends blade (Jun Mizutani ZLC OFF) it is the best rubber I have tried such as tenergy 05 tibhar evolution mx-p joola rhythm, Donic Bluefire m1.


Coming soon to the RHYZER range!


We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the new JOOLA RHYZER rubbers!

The RHYZER 48 is a quick beast of a rubber (see our recent blog) and the RHYZER 43 version although not as rapid, still has the thin rubber topsheet and thick pink sponge – giving it plenty of zip too!

Soon to join them is the new Pro 50 version, it’s is likely to be popular with high level players when it arrives in the middle of June… watch this space for specs and price….

Team World Cup – New Products!

We’ve worked hard with TIBHAR to bring you some new products in time for the Team World Cup…

We are delighted with the new Absolute Blade from TIBHAR, it’s got everything an entry level blade should have – great control, not too heavy, a bit of ‘zip’ for attacking shots and paired with some quality rubber – it’s bound to be a best seller!

There’s three new ‘ready to play’ bats using the new Absolute Blade, the FEELROTATE and TOPSPIN bats all with proven rubber combinations – prices start at £32.99 through to £43.99.

Tibhar / San-ei Team World Cup Limited Edition Shirt

Stylish, fully breathable 100% micro fibre material for maximum comfort.

Limited edition shirt featuring the Tibhar/San-ei table sponsors logo and Team World Cup graphics to commemorate this very special event.





Training T-Shirts at £8.99 each!!

Grab these Training T-shirts at an amazing price while stocks last – available in five colours, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange.

TIBHAR Evolution Special T-shirts







We have negotiated a special deal with JOOLA which we are passing on to you. These special prices only apply to online orders!

A high tech rubber perfect for the attacking player with the prolonged ball contact allowing you to feel in control at all times.

Incorporating both Geo Force Power and Geo Sponge technologies and featuring a medium soft 37.5 degree sponge, Samba Tech provides true speed glue feeling, fantastic durability, excellent touch in all situations and amazing arc.

The offer only includes 2.3mm (max) thickness and is limited to 400 sheets only, maximum of 10 sheets per agent.

Spin 114, Speed 98, Control 80.

RRP £58.99

Normal agents price £42.99

Special agents price £29.50!




To get in the festive mood, we have added extra discounts when you add two rubbers to your basket – check out these reductions!!

–        Buy 2 sheets of Samba Tech max for only £29.99 per sheet.

–        Buy 2 sheets of Rhyzm Original or Rhyzm 425 for only £26.99 per sheet.

–        Buy 2 sheets of Novic for only £16.99 per sheet – save 20% + from normal agents prices.


With immediate effect, customer and agents prices for all Butterfly products listed in our 2016/17 catalogue have increased.

The online customer and Agents prices have been changed accordingly, but please remember the increase if your customers are using the actual catalogue.

This price change has been put into effect by Butterfly themselves and wasn’t our decision. Unfortunately we have no control over Butterfly prices.

With this price change, now might be a good time to look at alternatives to the Tenergy series!! If you have any questions about which rubber will suit a players game, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


Tibhar Evolution £49.99 £37.99 (£36.99 if you buy 2 or more) See Current Price list
Tibhar Rhythm £49.99 £37.99 (£36.99 if you buy 2 or more) See Current Price list
Joola Rhythm P & Tech £54.99 £41.99 See Current Price list
Joola Samba 27 & 19 £45.99 £36.99 (£34.99 if you buy 2 or more) See Current Price list
Victas V>15 Extra £49.99 £39.99 (£37.99 if you buy 2 or more) See Current Price list


TENERGY 05 £62.99 £53.99 See Current Price list
TENERGY 05FX £62.99 £53.99 See Current Price list
TENERGY 64 £62.99 £53.99 See Current Price list
TENERGY 80 £62.99 £53.99 See Current Price list
TENERGY 80FX £62.99 £53.99 See Current Price list
SRIVER L £37.99 £32.99 See Current Price list
TACKINESS C £37.99 £32.99 See Current Price list
TACKINESS D £37.99 £32.99 See Current Price list


PRIMORAC CARBON £139.99 £119.99 £114.99
JUN MIZUTANI ZLC £259.99 £229.99 £219.99
MAZE MAGIC £41.99 £35.99 £33.99
ANDRZEJ GRUBBA £44.99 £38.99 £36.99
BOLL ALLROUND £41.99 £35.99 £33.99
BOLL CONTROL £41.99 £35.99 £33.99

Joola Multi-shirts

Brand New Joola Shirts for the 2016-17 Season are available now!

The ‘Cuneo’ Shirt is a top quality 100% polyester shirt with subtle styling and is designed to draw perspiration away from the body.

The ‘Cuneo’ is comfortable, breathable and fashionable – three great reasons to choose this for next season!

Colours include – Black, Red, Blue, Light Blue, Yellow and Bronze.

Sizes – 4XS to 5XL

Joola Cuneo Shirt



70410-samba27-new 70400-samba19-new

A new twist on classic Joola rubbers – get in the swing with Samba 27 and Samba 19!

Samba 27 is designed for top players with a strong technical game.

The Japanese factory tuned sponge is combined with an extra grippy rubber surface producing great arc even when away from the table allowing spin, pace and placement to be accurately controlled.

Samba 19 is perfect for serious players, features a forgiving 41 degree distinguishable blue mid soft sponge and grippy top sheet.

Great control , excellent spin and penetration.

The new Samba rubbers are already a hit with JOOLA sponsored players and guaranteed to be best sellers in the 2016– 17 season.


2DingYiZik ZakDingYi Short Pimples


Bribar Table Tennis are delighted to have been appointed as the sole distributors in the UK for Dingo+Swiss products.

Established by world maestro Ding Yi, the Dingo+Swiss brand is focused upon specialist pimple rubbers and perfectly matched blades.

Ding Yi performs his magic using the ZIK-ZAK Long Pimples and DING YI Short Pimples on the Ding Yi Off Balsa/Aluminium blade.

Ask the team for more information on these great combination bat products from Dingo+Swiss

GRIP_Shirt_black_neonorange GRIP_Shorts_black_neonorange

Brand New TIBHAR GRIP Shirts & Shorts for the New 2016-17 Season are available now!

Modern but stylish shirt made from 100% polyester for best breathability and comfort. The neon colours are almost impossible to reproduce in print but won’t be missed!

Colours include – Neon Orange, Neon Green & Blue.

Tibhar Grip Clothing

GRIP_Shirt_grey_neongreen GRIP_Shirt_blue_yellow

GRIP_Shorts_grey_neongreen                          GRIP_Shorts_black_blue


TransformerBurnoutKilling Defender Soft

UndertakerSuper WallBest Anti Defence



der-materialspezialist – for Modern Combination Bat Players!

We are delighted to announce sole distributorship in the UK of the amazing der-materialspezialist range of products.

The outstanding ‘slick’ anti loop rubbers for the modern combination player offer amazing spin reversal levels; backed by a full range of long pimples, short pimples and blades for combination play experts.

Follow these links for the range of rubbers and blades.

Combo bat players are pretty excited about the new range of rubbers – take a look at the Transformer rubber for instance – with new dampening sponge technology, we’ve never seen anything like it for spin reversal!! Game changer?




The exclusive Tibhar Drinkhall World Team T-shirt has yet to go on sale – so be first to get your hands on one!

Celebrate Paul’s World Team bronze medal with Bribar! Paul was actively involved in the design. Round neck high quality T shirt made from 100% breathable microfibre, for top comfort. Features the Stylish Drinkhall and MX-P logos; the latter is normally only available on ‘pro’ players shirts RRP £18.99


Posted on 4th February 2016

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