Craig Bryant US Open Vlog

Our latest post see’s Craig Bryant head out to the USA for a ‘once in a lifetime’ trip to play and coach at the US Open in Los Angeles – watch his vlog to see how he gets on!

I was fortunate enough to have found myself in a position to enter the US Open (Los Angeles) in December 2022. I hadn’t played competitively for around 3 years, so I was a little unsure what my level would be and how I would get on but it was simply an opportunity I had to take.

I’d been coaching a friend of mine, Bernardo, who I met online. He got in touch with me via Tom Lodziak’s ‘4 Killer Serves’ video as he wanted to learn the jab serve. We’d been working together on and off over 2 years on a number of things, including serve (the lockdowns basically) and this was a great opportunity to meet in person, coach in person and we also played a little doubles too.

I thought I’d mix up my recording of the event with a vlog, rather than a blog this time. So, feel free to have a watch of my US Open experience below, I hope you enjoy it.

It was so much fun, a very memorable experience and something I would recommend to anyone, should they ever have the opportunity to experience it.

I recorded a number of matches whilst I was out there, as you’ll see from the playing clips in the vlog. I put all of my videos through the Better Play website, this saved me a mountain of time when reviewing my matches and also allowed me to download all the longer points too (whilst cutting out the shorter ones).

I have been coaching Bernardo online for the past couple of years – if you’re interested in being coached online – you can email me on

Thanks for watching and the best of luck for the rest of your season!

Posted on 25th January 2023