Jakub and Kacper’s exciting new Table Tennis partnership!

Jakub and Kacper Piwowar are two talented young players looking to make a big impact in the game! We have been supporting and following their fledgling careers and now they have an exciting new opportunity ahead…

We caught up with Jo and Kris Piwowar (Mum and Dad) to hear about the boys season so far and their inspiring trip to TIBHAR and the Saarbrucken Table Tennis Academy.

Just how excited were Jakub and Kacper to sign with TIBHAR and to visit FC Saarbrucken in Germany?

The boys had a great time and were warmly welcomed by Christoph Wagner, TIBHAR Head of Product & Sports and by all the players and Coaches at Saarbrucken Table Tennis Academy, Germany.

As well as signing contracts with TIBHAR the boys also got a taste of the very highest level of training and competition while we were there – they are now even more excited to spend a lot more time there!

There’s busy and then there’s Piwowar busy! How has the season gone?

It has been another very busy season for both Jakub and Kacper, including many domestic and international competitions and training camps.

Jakub spends lots of time in Nottingham, where he receives good quality training and when possible, he also goes to Germany to get extra training time. When Jakub is back home, he still works with us at Torbay TT Academy.

Kacper mostly trains at home at Torbay TT Academy, although he does travel a lot abroad for ETTU and ITTF camps.

Although the season has not finished yet, so far, both boys have had some good success:

Jakub’s season:
– WTT Tunisia – Silver medal u15 boys
– National Cadet Cup – Silver medal
– National Schools Championship – Individual Gold Medal and Silver medal in the Team event
– National Championship – Doubles Gold Medal
– Highest ITTF ranking no 22 in U15 boys

Kacper’s season:
– WTT Tunisia – Gold Medal u13 boys
– WTT Croatia – Silver Medal u11 boys
– WTT Italy – Bronze Medal u11 boys
– Selected to ITTF Hopes camps and ETTU U13 Hopes Squad
– National Schools Championship – Silver Medal in Teams
– Selected to Compass project
– Highest ITTF ranking no 6 in U13 boys

We are really pleased with their achievements and their Table Tennis doors are opening even wider for next season…

How was your trip to Saarbrucken and what did the boys learn?

As mentioned before, we were warmly welcomed by everyone, and it didn’t take long to start feeling very comfortable at the hall and the sport centre area.

Jakub: “It was great to train at the same hall next to Darko Jorgic and Patrik Francizka and many other top senior players. It was very inspirational and motivating. I can’t wait to train and play in Saarbrucken more often in the upcoming season.”

Kacper: “Oh it was amazing to watch the Bundesliga match! It was great to meet World no 6 Darko Jorgic – at the same time I was also World no 6 but U13 boys!

After watching the match, I was so hungry to play. My brother and I went straight to the hall for a little training – the facilities are great and importantly available 24/7… I cannot wait to go back and train there again.

It was exciting to visit TIBHAR and see so many rubbers, blades and balls!”

Talking of Table Tennis equipment – what are the boys using now?

Blade: Tibhar Dynamic J7 Darko
Rubbers: FH MX-D & BH MX-P

Blade: Tibhar Shang Kun hybrid AC
Rubbers: MX-P on both sides

What’s in store for the boys next season?

Having now signed their contracts with TIBHAR and met with everyone at the Saarbrucken Table Tennis Academy, there is a unique opportunity for the boys to visit Germany on a more regular basis to receive high quality training and competitive opportunities. Both cannot wait for a such exciting opportunities – so watch this space!

Last, but not least, we would like to thank TIBHAR, Saarbrucken and all the Bribar Team for being so supportive of the boys and our club. We could not ask for a better partnership.

Bribar Table Tennis is the sole importer of TIBHAR Table Tennis Equipment in the UK.

Jo and Kris Piwowar run, coach and play at the Torbay Table Tennis Academy.

Posted on 23rd May 2022