Winning Loop

The WINNING LOOP TABLE TENNIS BAT is Bribar’s best ever selling ‘ready to play’ bat!

A quality allround blade, selected by Bribar for its weight, control and durability, it is fitted with Friendship 729 for its spin capabilities when learning to play Table Tennis.

The Friendship 729 FX Super rubber comes in two thicknesses and the blade has a flared handle..

Ideal for beginners and developing players, the Winning Loop is a great value for money bat that won’t break the bank!

Cost: £68.97 £36.99 


Just why is the Winning Loop our best-selling bat ever…?

We have sold many 1000’s over the last 30 years to clubs, coaches and players in the UK and it’s a safe bet to say that many players have started off playing with a Winning Loop! It’s a great bat for beginners and improvers alike but what makes it Ron’s Staff Pick?

Ron Rowley, Customer Sales & Logistics manager explains: The Winning Loop is the ideal bat to learn and improve at Table Tennis with – It consists of a really good quality all-round blade, with classic rubbers in the shape of Friendship 729 FX Super, (you can choose the thickness of sponge – 1.5 or 2.0) and not forgetting, because it’s a quality blade and we make the bats up in house – you can replace or upgrade the rubbers as you improve and still use the same blade!

Ron Rowley, Bribar Customer Sales & Logistics Manager, has worked at Bribar for 30 years and he has played Table Tennis at local, County and British League standard.

Posted on 25th January 2017