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The blade developed and played by English and World superstar, Liam Pitchford. Made in Japan by craftsman for a master craftsman on the table!

Liam developed his new blade in conjunction with the VICTAS technical experts in Japan. To suit his style the blade had to be dynamic, powerful, spin friendly but with the touch demanded by top players. After months of testing Liam found the blade that matched his style perfectly and the new Liam Pitchford blade was born.



The Liam Pitchford incorporates two layers of Zxion® carbon fiber which is placed directly under the outer ply giving the blade outstanding vigour and power. The highly elastic Zxion® carbon fiber increases energy transfer upon ball contact which boosts the impact energy of the ball.

This energy-rich, but still controllable, premium blade is ideal for all attackers who rely on aggressive power table tennis just like Liam Pitchford. Play big loops on both wings, even from mid distance but be confident in you touch play close to the table. Available with flared and straight handles.


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