MIZUNO WAVE DRIVE 8 – staff pick!

Mizuno Wave Drive 8 2019 – as worn by World Class players who want low to the ground shoes designed for quick movement.

  • Mizuno Wave technology delivers superior cushioning and superb support
  • Microfibre artificial leather on the forefoot section provides a durable comfortable fit
  • Optimal cushioning, lightness and superior grip

Cost: £91.75 – £109.99 £59.99 – £74.99

Mizuno Wave Drive 8 2019 – as worn by World Class players and Matt Leete!

I think most people would agree that in our sport good footwork is essential – so wearing top quality shoes can only help – our office No1, Matt Leete, tells us why it’s Mizuno’s for him!

Matt Leete, Sales & Technical Advice:

Table Tennis footwork is crucial in our sport and is an element that is often underestimated. In my playing career and more recently, coaching activities, I have always looked to wear the best shoes I can. In my opinion – Mizuno are the best.

I don’t think I am alone in that opinion, many of our customers enjoy wearing them and of course – many of the best players in the world wear Mizuno’s – but why?

Mizuno have definitely been developing their technology year-on-year and a new model of Mizuno’s has ‘tried and tested’ innovations in comfort, support, shock absorbing, cooling, and grip. My current favourites are the Wave Drive 8’s (2019) – they are light and comfortable to wear, have all the Mizuno tech and are not too loud on the colour front!

Matt Leete, Bribar Sales & Technical

Matt is a top level player in the UK and has been ranked at number 4 in the U/21’s – he’s also started to develop a coaching career – whilst waiting for the dreaded shoulder operation.

Now a veteran at Bribar, Matt gets to drive the vans on a regular basis and has learned to accept that Norwich Football Club are still a very average team!


Posted on 5th November 2020