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“Hellfire” is our favourite long pimple for close to the table, speed dampening, disrupting play. New Hellfire X has been designed for the plastic ball and offers the perfect balance of speed, control, disturbing effect and spin development.

Hellfire X has been developed after 3 years of testing with top long pimple players under the direction of pimple maestro Sebastian Sauer. The result is a pimple that long pimple players want.

Hellfire X has been produced offering slightly more speed but even greater disruption possibilities. The OX version is ideal for a close to the table game and will allow you to dominate and upset your opponent. When defending away from the table your shots will be spin loaded and your chops will create havoc with your opponents.

Discover the supernatural powers of the Hellfire X!



Pimple Structure

The pimples are widely spaced and give the greatest possible distance for the pimples to bend, whilst the head of the pimples are slightly roughened. The pimples buckle upon contact with the ball, slow the ball down and load the spin.

Pimple Hardness

When applying slight pressure, the pimples heads have a rather hard feel. However, under higher pressure they give way and cause a smoother, softer playing feeling. This is especially important for imparting spin against fast attacking balls. When attacking, a short tap on the ball is enough to generate powerful attacking shots giving your opponent real trouble.

Thickness Ox, 0.5, 1.2

Effect 77   Speed 41  Control 70


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