SPIN: Tips and tactics to win at Table Tennis Book


The new book from Tom Lodziak is a must read for beginner/intermediate players looking to improve their table tennis skills, win more points and win more matches!

Tom shares invaluable insights to training, service, returning serves, winning points, tactics, playing matches and continual improvement.

There are top tips which are achievable, that will make a difference, even if you only play one hour per week.

Are you ready to transform your Table Tennis game?


Book Contents

1. Amateur table tennis

2. My story

3. Training

  • How long does it take to get “really good” at table tennis?
  • How often should you train?
  • Training with a purpose
  • Three training methods
  • Your training plan

4. Technique

  • My deficient technique
  • What is ‘correct’ technique?
  • Copying the professionals
  • Unorthodox technique
  • Improving your technique

5. Service

  • Legal serves vs illegal serves
  • Improving your serves
  • Solo service practice
  • The perfect serve
  • Long serves
  • Always expect your serve to be returned
  • Service tactics to win cheap points

6. Returning serves

  • Reading spin
  • Shot selection
  • Asserting pressure

7. Winning points

  • What is the best playing style to win at table tennis?
  • Ball placement
  • Spin, speed and power
  • Disruptive shots
  • How do you win points?

8. Tactics

  • The pusher
  • The chopper
  • The blocker
  • The lobber
  • The topspin attacker
  • The mid-distance looper
  • The one-wing attacker
  • The flat hitter
  • The long pimples player
  • The short pimples player
  • The anti-spin player
  • Develop your tactical thinking

9. Playing matches

  • Warm-up
  • Analysing your opponent
  • Game plan
  • Coping with pressure
  • Staying positive
  • The winning secret
  • Reflecting

10. Continual improvement

  • Problem-solving mindset
  • Age is no barrier
  • Overcoming adversity
  • No matter how good you get, there’s always someone better

11. Follow your own path

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