VICTAS Blog Pt1 – Rubber Technology!

VICTAS Table Tennis equipment is a premium Japanese brand as used by England No1 Liam Pitchford and top Japanese players such as Koki Niwa and Koji Matsushita. In this 2 part blog we look to introduce you to the key products in their line up, the technology they use and how to identify the best product for your game!

VICTAS Rubber Technology

In this Blog we take a closer look at three of the main VICTAS Rubber ranges – as with other Table Tennis equipment companies in Asia – they use numbers to identify each product. This can be a bit confusing, however, we are here to give you a quick run through of the technology and how they have used sponge variations to match player styles!

So how does the rubber ‘top sheet’ technology and sponge variations work?

V>15 Rubber

The most widely used VICTAS rubber is the V>15 and it is designed for aggressive offensive players – it is used by sponsored players – Liam Pitchford and Koki Niwa. The V>15 range comes in three versions, all with the same ‘High Energy Tension’ topsheet BUT with varying degrees of sponge hardness. As an offensive player you can choose the right level of sponge hardness to suit your game. (more in a bit!)

V>11 Rubber (New)

The V>11 Extra rubber is an offensive rubber designed for the modern generation of top level players who are looking for the same level of performance as V>15 Extra BUT with less weight! VICTAS use their new ‘Lightning Tension’ technology to make the rubber approximately 10% lighter.

VICTAS have two Rubber ‘Tension’ technologies:

  • High Energy Tension technology or GJ Tec comes from the collaboration of German/Japanese Technology. Simply put, the rubber composition and pips geometry combine to produce more spin and more speed.
  • Lightning Tension has similar performance levels as GJ Tech but with a new composition that has 10% less weight.

It’s all in the Sponge Hardness…!

VICTAS rubbers are available in a number of sponge thicknesses and hardness – as you can see from the chart below – VICTAS differentiate their sponge hardness from Double Limber (softest) through to Double Extra (a hard 50 degree sponge). In the case of the V>15 rubber series the sponge comes in three hardness levels, Extra, Stiff and Limber – Easy!

If you looking for something a little less offensive in your Table Tennis rubber then VICTAS have the V>07 range of rubbers that are worth exploring and comparing with other more established rubbers in the UK:

V>07 Rubbers 

The VICTAS V>07 rubber range consist of four well balanced alround and offensive rubbers that match players with VICTAS’s seven styles of play! You can view the chart that matches playing style to rubber here and you can choose from Regular, Stiff, Limber and Sticky Extra!

Choosing the right rubber for you from the VICTAS range could look a bit daunting, however, we have added extra information/spec charts to each product and we are sure that you’ll find a VICTAS rubber to suit you from our current range.

Look out for our VICTAS Blog Pt2 ‘Blade Technology’ next month…

We have recently updated our Blade and Rubber charts to be be more interactive – you can now narrow your search by make, type of player and budget. Even if you are not looking to change equipment right now, it’s always worth checking out the latest kit that could potentially suit your game!


Posted on 28th September 2020