The Art of Defence!!

High Quality Handmade Blades from VICTAS!

The new VICTAS Matsushita range has innovative engineering that captures the experience and passion of the legendary Japanese defender Koji Matsushita!

The 4 times Olympic competitor, has combined with the Victas team to produce a range of Defensive Table Tennis Blades that have everything modern defensive strategists require.


Matsushita_SpecialThe new Koji Matsushita Special combines innovative engineering and the experience and passion of the legendary Japanese defender, Koji Matsushita.

This high-end product is the ideal weapon for top players relying on modern, uncompromising, close-to-the table defending. The Special has almost zero-vibration bounce and complete consistency in performance thanks to its expensive fleece carbon layers.

Optimum control is gained in difficult situations thanks to a large sweet spot and it has excellent speed potential for your own attacks! The aggressive trajectory and high precision of your defense will put permanent pressure on your opponent.

Speed 55, Control 94, Weight 90g, Plys 5+2

p-5104-matsu_off_1.jpgThe Koji Matsushita Offensive is an ideal blade for players who rely on excellent control for defensive playing, but also need good speed for their own attacking.

Indeed, modern defenders like the great Japanese talent, Yuto Muramatsu, will take every opportunity to launch sudden counter-attacks from a safe defensive position!

The 5-ply design with a slightly harder outer mahogany ply provides outstanding power second-to-none in the defensive blade segment, whilst giving any defender the precision and control they need for passive play.

Speed 58, Control 88, Weight 90g, Plys 5.

Matsushita_DEFThe Koji Matsushita Defense is a 5 ply blade with slightly softer outer plys to give the blade a soft feel with excellent touch. The ideal weapon for choppers seeking ultimate control and the ability to impart high spin in their defensive game.

Thanks to the especially thin, 5 ply structure, the Victas material experts succeeded in reducing the overall weight of the Koji Matsushita Defensive to just 85g, giving the blade outstanding balance and lightness.

The ‘Silver Heart’ outer ply absorbs the speed of your opponent’s attacks, providing you with great feel and ball control.

Speed 48, Control 97, Weight 85g, Plys 5. 

p-4223-koji.jpgThe Koji Matsushita blade is a 5ply blade made of specially selected woods, including high quality Japanese cedar fir, that provide great control for away from the table play and in passive rallies at the net.

Modern table tennis defenders do not only rely on their defensive qualities but also use every opportunity to attack and the Koji Matsushita blade most importantly, also produces enough power for successful attacking.

Speed 53, Control 94, Weight 90g, Plys 5

Each of these outstanding blades are individually handmade and have become firm favourites with us here at Bribar Table Tennis.

See the full range at VICTAS MATSUSHITA

Posted on 18th August 2016