der-materialspezialist – Equipment for Modern Combination Bat Players!

BRIBAR are delighted to announce sole distributorship in the UK of the amazing der-materialspezialist range of products. The outstanding ‘slick’ anti loop rubbers for the modern combination player offer amazing spin reversal levels; backed by a full range of long pimples, short pimples and blades for combination play experts. Check out these specialist rubbers and blades from der-materialspezialist!

Transformer Best Anti Defence Breakout Spinparasite Master Anti Killing Defender Soft Burnout Super Wall Undertaker Predator

BRIBAR tip: Check out Spinparasite and Transformer anti rubbers, Predator for long pimple play and Burnout for attacking short pimple play. The 2 Faces and Terror blades are good options for players requiring top control and maximum disruption from their anti and pimple rubbers.

Posted on 30th March 2016