Introducing BARNA ORIGINAL Rubbers and Blades!

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Bribar are now official distributors of the ‘new’ Barna Original brand of Table Tennis equipment…

The Barna Original rubber and blade collection are reminiscent of days gone by but with an eye to playing with the new 40+ ABS ball!

Check out the 2019/20 range of rubbers from classic orthodox short pimples to troublesome mid pimples and disturbing long pimples…

The Barna Original motto of ‘Play like a legend’ will certainly bring back memories for the more mature players!

Barna Legend Classic Table Tennis Rubber

This is the successor of the legendary BARNA pimple rubber.

Short, classic pimple rubber with grippy, but not ribbed pimple heads, which has been optimized for the new plastic balls.

The no sponge (Ox) version is ideal for classic defence with very high control whilst the soft sponge versions offer higher speed and maximum rotation.

The sponge version are ideal for a variable controlled allround game playing chop through to topspins and drives.

Spin 42 / Speed 35 / Control 92

£38.99 £31.99

Barna Classic Defence Table Tennis Rubber

Long pimple designed for classic defence away from the table and in the no sponge (Ox) version ideal for disruptional play at the table.

The new pimple geometry is designed for the new ABS balls and the traditional rubber compound generates high spin properties but with great control.

The no sponge rubber is perfect for close to the table play whilst the sponge version is faster and allows you to play awkward attacking shots.

Effect 68 / Speed 40 / Control 72

£40.99 £33.99

Barna Legend Long Table Tennis Rubber

New highly elastic long pimple rubber, perfect for playing disrupting shots close to the table as well as for classic defence.

The special rubber compound is designed to create dangerous low trajectory strokes and the ability to play precise and awkward spin reversed blocks against your opponents attacking shots.

Perfect for players that want both great disruption and high control.

Effect 68 / Speed 45 / Control 63

£40.99 £33.99

Barna Legend Half Long Table Tennis Rubber

Medium / half-long pimple rubber with remarkable spin properties and disruptional effect.

The highly elastic rubber enables you to play attacking shots but also nasty blocks and chops.

Suits variable styles and can be used for classic defence through to close to the table block and counter play.

Perfect for the new generation of plastic balls.

Spin 61 / Speed 65 / Control 80

£40.99 £33.99

Barna Extra Spin Table Tennis Rubber

Highly elastic, very grippy rubber sheet with high spin properties for both active and passive shots.

Extra Spin is ideal for cunning chop and block play plus spinny serves and topspins.

Perfect for allround players who base their game around consistency and high spin generation when chopping and top spinning.

Effect 103 / Speed 50 / Control 101

£44.99 £35.99

There are three new Barna Original Blades tailored for classic defensive play through to more modern attacking defenders…

Barna Champion Table Tennis Blade

The traditional Barna blade in the style of the renowned champion.

This special blade is perfect for the classical defender and also for combination pimple players who want to disrupt/defend with one or both sides.

Spin and control are the priorities of this blade with the oversized faced offering  great control and an extra large sweet spot.

Available with flared or straight handles.

Speed 46 / Control 96 / Weight 78 gramms / Plys 5

£79.99 £64.99

Barna Triumph Table Tennis Blade

Fast and with the highest speed properties of the Barna range of blades.

High catapult performance but with top control for fast shots and spinny loops from mid-distance and at the table.

Built using a historic veener structure with a thin core veneer, thick veneers in between and fine outer veneers.

Available with flared or straight handles.

Speed 91 / Control 74 / Weight 86 gramms / Plys 5

£69.99 £58.99

Barna Winner Table Tennis Blade

Barna is back – play like a legend!

Classic allround blade adopting the characteristics of days gone by.

The emphasis is on control but the Winner blade has the necessary speed for controlled and precise attacking strokes.

Available with flared or straight handles.

Speed 58 / Control 90 / Weight 75 gramms / Plys 5

£69.99 £58.99

View our complete Barna Original range.

Posted on 24th September 2019