Dingo+Swiss products by the legend Ding Yi

Bribar Table Tennis are delighted to have been appointed as the sole distributors in the UK for Dingo+Swiss products.

Established by world maestro Ding Yi, the Dingo+Swiss brand is focused upon specialist pimple rubbers and perfectly matched blades.

Ding Yi performs his magic using the ZIK-ZAK Long Pimples and DING YI Short Pimples on the Ding Yi Off Balsa/Aluminium blade.

Zik Zak Dingo Swiss RubberDingYi Short Pimples Rubber2DingYiDingo-Swiss Off-Aluminium BladeDingo-Swiss-Hoelzer-Off-Alpen-Wood

Now your opportunity has arrived to use the same equipment as Ding Yi – check out the Dingo+Swiss range today!



Posted on 26th May 2016